When it comes to getting your ideal body, oftentimes achieving your fitness goals is much easier said than done. Many people put in a great deal of time and energy to get that sculpted six-pack, flatter stomach or more curvaceous backside they desire, but unfortunately, still fall short of their targets. Despite dedicated efforts to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, too many women and men find that their bodies just don’t respond to their hard work the way they had hoped. When diet and exercise fail to eliminate resistant fat or build muscle mass in common problem areas, it can feel like you are out of options.

At Laser Essentials Medical Spa, we are proud to offer noninvasive EMSCULPT treatments.

EMSCULPT focuses on stubborn problem areas to build noticeable muscle definition, helping women and men everywhere reap the benefits of body sculpting without any discomfort or downtime.


EMSCULPT is a nonsurgical and noninvasive body contouring treatment by BTL, a world-renowned medical device manufacturer. EMSCULPT is FDA-approved for use on the stomach, buttocks, arms, and legs. Unlike other body sculpting technologies that focus exclusively on eliminating fat cells from the body, EMSCULPT works to build muscle in those hard-to-tone places for lasting results and the potential of fat reduction. EMSCULPT is the first and only FDA-cleared device that has been clinically proven to build muscle in as little as one treatment session.

EMSCULPT utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to target the desired muscles and stimulate power muscle contractions. During a single treatment session, EMSCULPT works to induce thousands of muscle contractions and provide patients with the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups, squats, or curls in just 30 minutes.

What Areas Can EMSCULPT Treat?

EMSCULPT can be used to target the muscles of your abdomen, buttocks, arms or legs. When exposed to powerful muscle contractions, these muscles undergo a deep remodeling of their internal structure that results in firmer and more visibly toned areas. With EMSCULPT, you can:

  • Improve definition in the abdominal muscles
  • Shape the stomach to achieve a six-pack 
  • Add lift and volume to the gluteal muscles
  • Build muscle mass in the thighs
  • Develop muscle tone and firmness in the biceps and triceps

Am I a Good Candidate for EMSCULPT?

As EMSCULPT is nonsurgical and noninvasive, most healthy adult women and men are ideal candidates for treatments. EMSCULPT is intended to complement a healthy diet and exercise regimen, so should not serve as a replacement for these habits. Patients interested in EMSCULPT treatments should already be at or within a healthy weight range to experience the full benefits of this device. It is also essential that you have realistic expectations about the results you can achieve with EMSCULPT and be prepared to maintain these results through good lifestyle habits.

What Can I Expect From My EMSCULPT Treatment?

When you arrive for your EMSCULPT appointment at Laser Essentials Medical Spa, you will assume a comfortable position on a treatment table to allow easy access for the EMSCULPT device to adhere to the treatment area. The device will be attached to either your midsection or backside depending on the area designated for your treatment, and the level of intensity will be selected based on the amount of correction you need and the results you expect to achieve. No anesthesia is necessary, and most patients find the treatment to be virtually painless.

Patients are free to relax will the EMSCULPT device causes the muscle contractions and begins to tone and sculpt the body. After your 30 minute treatment, you are free to return to work or home and resume all normal activities. Many patients will even opt to have EMSCULPT performed during their lunch hour.

Is There Any Downtime Needed After EMSCULPT Treatments?

As a gentle and nonsurgical body sculpting treatment, EMSCULPT produces little to no side effects after your procedure. You may feel mild soreness within your treated area following your appointment, but many patients liken the feeling to an intense workout at the gym. Because target muscles are contracted thousands of times for 30 minutes, you can expect to experience a bit of muscle fatigue for a couple of days. However, these feelings will not interfere with you from performing your everyday tasks.

EMSCULPT requires no downtime after treatments, and patients are encouraged to schedule their treatments any time they have a short gap in their busy schedules. You can even resume activities like working out as soon as you leave our office. You may, however, wish to avoid exercising the targeted muscle groups until your soreness fully subsides.

How Many EMSCULPT Treatments Will I Need?

While many patients will see and feel improvements to their treated areas after a single EMSCULPT session, it’s effects are more apparent after a series of treatments. The majority of our patients will undergo four EMSCULPT treatments spaced two to three days apart to reveal their most optimal results. You may require more than four treatments, depending on your needs and goals, but four is typically the most common.

What Results Can I Expect From EMSCULPT?

After your series of EMSCULPT patients, you can expect to see and feel a noticeable improvement to the tone and firmness to the treated area. When used on the abdomen, EMSCULPT may even reduce small pockets of fat for some patients in addition to increasing muscle mass and tone in their stomach. When applied to treat the buttocks, EMSCULPT will provide a subtle lift to your backside and add volume to the area for improved curves and shapeliness.

Most patients can expect to begin seeing visible results in as little as two weeks. However, the contours of your treated area will continue to improve over time. Your full results from EMSCULPT should be apparent in about two to three months after your final treatment session.

How Long Will My Results Last?

EMSCULPT will improve your body’s contours by using the natural systems already in place for building muscle. Similar to improvements seen with traditional diet and exercise, the results you achieve through your EMSCULPT treatments will last as long as you are committed to maintaining them. EMSCULPT is not intended to be a substitute for a healthy and active lifestyle, so patients who do not regularly exercise or eat a balanced diet may not experience long-lasting results. So long as you continue your healthy habits, your EMSCULPT enhancements should last indefinitely.

Sculpt Your Dream Physique with Laser Essentials

Eating right and exercising requires a great deal of determination and sacrifices to achieve your fitness goals. But if you are doing everything right without seeing the results you expect, schedule a consultation with Laser Essentials Medical Spa. With four treatments scheduled over two weeks, EMSCULPT can help you get the body you’ve been working towards.

To learn more about your body contouring options, contact Laser Essentials Medical Spa today at 972-599-0745 and book your EMSCULPT consultation.