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Dr. Jacobs started her career as an obstetriciangynecologist and has been practicing since 1989. Throughout her medical practice, she has gained interest in helping patients find additional ways to be healthier, feel better about themselves, and live their best life. 

At Laser Essentials, we believe that true beauty comes from finding confidence in yourself and your appearance. We understand that when it comes to your own skin, we see imperfections even when others can’t. Our staff combines precision in practice with unparalleled expertise to provide each client with results they can see and feel from the inside out. Dr Jacobs shares her knowledge and interest on skincare, body contouring, and other medical aesthetics.

Our goal at Laser Essentials is to help every client leave with the confidence and beauty that we see in them when they first walk in our door.


At Laser Essentials Medical Spa we provide our clients with the ability to customize their beauty plans based on their short and long-term goals. Our medical professionals are trained to build on a client by client bases. We assure our clients an efficient and safe yet affordable treatment process that provides our clients an amazing experience.

Arlene Jacobs | M.D.

Dr. Arlene Jacobs is an OB/GYN in Plano, TX, where she has been in private group practice since 1989. Throughout her medical career, she has found that women and men are always looking for ways to be healthier, feel better about themselves, and live their best life. After co-owning a medical spa in her group practice for over 15 years, Dr. Jacobs has seen first-hand how beneficial medical aesthetic procedures are for her patients. It is for this reason in 2018, she opened her own medical spa.

Dr. Jacobs has been happily married since 1988 and has raised 3 grown children she couldn’t be more proud of. In her spare time she loves to travel with friends and family as well as cheering on her favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Jacobs, owner and medical director of Laser Essentials, is providing first class lasers, skincare, and other medical aesthetic treatments for her patients.



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